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Taranaki Landscapes 2

So much to see, so many photos. Taranaki Landscapes has grown into its second page.


Picture window


Odd little cloud


Odd clouds are something of a speciality around here


But mostly clouds are seen from the inside out


Very moody, somehow right


Less common kind of grey day


Usually the airs clearer after rain


The residue of the ubiquitous 1500m cloud layer, clear above clear below


Spectacular when the sun sets above it


Off for a walk in the rain (2006-10-30)


Mineral stream


Water moveth the mountain


Gorge with mountain cabbage trees


They have a very stately presence


Ahem, plan view


Welcome to Lake Dave hut


You could be be here for quite some time


Six inches of rain in 24 hours, yikes


Something the volcano spat out, catching some rays




Its all pretty reproductive around here just now


Photogenic muscovy


More odd clouds


Still air does strange things


Taranaki from central plateau (2006-11-6)


Off to catch the last of the Tongarairo snow


An alternative Tongarairo crossing


Fantastic travel on west ridge, overlooking the dreaded cattle route


Ngaurahoe: the snow is retreating fast now


Climbing Mt Tongarairo


Ho, a fellow mountaineer


Fantastic wide open spaces


South crater, left


South crater right




The scenic route to north crater


Almost done with the crampons, but first we have to get over this


To get to north crater


Home for the night is just below


Misty and mighty mighty magical


Next day dropping out of the cloud into central crater: lots of meltwater about, and tourists


Ice bergs and swans


Beautiful Emerald lake


Been there got the, grimace, photo


South crater: a commonly misconceived environment


South crater vegetation


Dropping back out of the cloud and wind chill


Gladly, there is nobody about


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