Taranaki Landscapes 4

This batch of photos was taken early 2007 while based in Eltham helping renovate an old villa. The town of Eltham has a few thousand people and you can still hear the cows mooing from surrounding farms. The sky around here is still fairly dominated by the mountain.


Dusk cloud formations


The highest lookout point around is the rooftop


Dawns rays hit the bare summer mountain


New plymouth waterfront


Street architecture


Auckland could learn a thing or two


Birdwatching to be had


Desert road outlook on weekend trip to eastern Ruapehu


Ngarohoe in exceptionally clear weather


Climbing past Tukino ski village is incredibly hot and dusty


Mangatoetoenui Glacier below Te Huehue, the usual way up this side, but we neglected to bring our crampons


Whangehu hut perched on bluff above river by same name.


Sunset from 2100m


Looking straight down to the river--ring side seats.


The headwaters of the Whangaehu is its glacier and crater lake, source of impending lahar flows.


Dramatic volcanic landscape


Definately for those that want to get away from it all


Looking up the ridge to cathedral rocks and summit plateau.


More distant view of same on descent


Some serious heat scorched those rocks


Rolling Rangipo badlands


Its a vast cold desert


Main trunk power grid


Dusk sky images on road trip home






Three sisters on Taranaki coast


Then straight into the Auckland rush hour. Bit of a shock to the system, but storm clouds on the estuary are oddly calming


Back home and making the most of the clear weather, before winter arrives with a Taranaki climb


Coastline, climbing above the Manganui skifield at dawn


Clear but misty morning


Ascent is via Curtis ridge (to left of scree field at left), descent via East ridge (right of shadowed gut right off summit)


Less common view of Syme hut on route


and its Fanthom peak location


Shows Curtis ridge in its entirety, and the carpark at its base center left. What snow remains is icy.


Southeastern panorama


Southwestern panorama


The turtle at right and pyramids at center.


Looking down Carrington ridge to Holly hut, the Dome, and the Ahukawakawa swampland


Steep drop off western summit rocks


Piece o cake to the north west


Sharks fin sans ice


Massive ersion in gorge below pyramids has closed the track there.


Massive gorges in the southwest area, Kahui hut at right. There is a summit route in there some where


Deeply cut water courses stemming from one of NZs highest rainfall areas


A side view of Curtis ridge, and its unstable scree fields. Lots of falling rocks.


Descending the bald rock slopes prevalent on the upper eastern slopes--easy travel for the coolheaded


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