Taranaki Landscapes 3

The counter on the camera has just clocked its 5000th photo in a little over one year. This collection is an assortment of summer bits and pieces from various tramping trips and bus journeys up and down the coast. An index is at the page bottom.


Mokau coast


... its a great place to stretch the legs on the long journey north


View framed by pines while staying at a farm near Inglewood


Picture window #2


Old lahar mounds


But otherwise its relatively flat around Inglewood


Climbing lahar mounds at dusk


Looks like a dewey morning I know but its just the light from behind


Swan, Lake Mangamahoe


Summer now, haymaking in full swing, snow retreating fast


A lazy weekend out in Waiaua Gorge. The Oananui decided to take a shortcut down the Waiaua River, causing major detour for trampers


Some great flower watching was had




Mountain buttercup


Pre-xmas Syme pilgrimage


Curtis ridge fresh out from under its snow blanket


Still a bit of snow lingering


Great spot for relocating ones peace of mind


Sans ice


Plonked on top of one of the windiest and most exposed places you can find


Pretty murky...again.


Glimpse of summit


Interesting melt patterns


Dawson falls and Stratford behind


Scenic route from Pirongia to Awakino


via Kawhia


And the lovely Te Puia beach


Theres hot springs there but only at very low tides


Mount Karioi


Mahoe river estuary, looking left


Ditto, looking right


Marokopa magic, looking right


Looking left. Photogenic spot


Thats Marokopa village


Access to Waikaukau beach


Emerging onto the beach


Wild and really really quiet. Left...


and right.


Back to the bus


Curtis falls. Another lazy weekend East Egmont-Maketawa


The low route is not bad as far as the woods goes, lots of ladders and gorge crossings


The mountain has a late spring growth flush


Pre dawn glow over volcanic plateau


Sun peeks up


About 5 minutes later


Creates a pool of orange oozing over the region


and the north taranki coastline


Then the sun redisappears into the cloud band


Reminds me of Close Encounters of the Third Kind


And lastly came these light rays


It just got better and better. Maketawa sure does great sunrises


Couple hundred photos all told


Thats Maketawa hut perched on the ridgeline



Up the puffer in the mist


Home via the high route




Which is a lovely womble


Especially if you`re into shades of lime


The ski field, dormant now


Parting views


Bye for now


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