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Taranaki Landscapes

Taranaki is a place of wide open spaces which just seems to lend itself to wide format imagery. What follows is not a lot of chit chat, just a visual celebration of country life.


Fishing village, Mokau coast


On the way to the mountains


...and countryside


Pouakai tops, between snow (2006-08-14)


Taranaki from the north on a rare clear day


Curvature of the Taranaki coastline


Top of the translator road after a snowstorm


Pouakai tops post snow


View from Pouakai tops


Tarn, frozen solid


Sunset on the mountain


Sunrise on the mountain


Looking east at dawn


Not long after dawn


Ever changing light


Volcanic plateau in the distance


Another clear dawn


Ideallic rural abode


The Ovis neighbours


Jet trail country


Blustery New Plymouth foreshore


More like a gale


Seagull and a sculture that tells the weather


Dusk full moon


Light made for photography


The ever present cloud blanket


Getting up high


Climbing Fathoms peak (2006-09-15)


Rime encrusted landscape


Summit cap


Ice dunes


Above the clouds


Syme hut, buried


View from the door


Sunset paradise


More like a snow cave


Mind blowing subtlety of colour


Prickly rime


End of day shadows


A bed of fluff


The last of the light, and weather


36hrs of wind blasted sleet




Crisp air after southerly blow, good day for a go at the summit (2006-10-07)


Ice plastered telecomunications tower


Porch pole, Tahurangi lodge


Start of north summit route


Nice crispy 8am ascent


The whole mountain is ice plastered


Fairly steep near the top


Shards of glass hard fallen ice litter the crater


Sharks fin, second summit


Wanganui coast


Sastrugi everywhere


Main summit cap, very cold wind blowing


Two summits


North entrance to crater


Back down to earth, North Egmont


North slopes of Taranaki



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