Off Grid Signage

There are a number of Australia/ NZ Standards that apply to off grid energy systems, many of which specify required signage. I show how i interepreted these standards and the resulting signage adopted.


The first sign is a general information sign that incorperates a number of different signage clauses, and include some international conventions such as the green PV circle.






A shutdown procedure sign is required to be displayed at the switchboard. It also incorporates a number of required warnings about multiple DC sources, and other disconnection issues.






Lastly, there are meant to be two lead acid specific signs, one about hydrogen explosions, and one about sulphuric acid burns. Not being convinced that sealed batterys justify the burns first aid sign and wanting signage to be focused on the key issues, ive reduced this to just one.






While you can buy ready made versions of most of these signs, some of them will likely require tailoring to your install. Thus you can get custom labels printed onto PVC adhesive sticker and it makes a reasonably permanent job of it.   Beyond the code requirement, these signs help should some else beside you need to shut down the system, or deal with any issues during a fire or other emergency.