Eltham Villa

2007 Villa restoration project


The house is a `four square` symetrical villa built in 1910, in Eltham Taranaki.


Heres the before photos.


Orginal frontage. A previous owner had enclosed the villa front veranda, to gain, what, a 1600mm wide room. This was ripe for restoration to its orginal grandeur. And it came off in less than a day.


Original side yard, complete with shed.


Original rear. There was no indoor outdoor flow at all, and you had to exit via various extentions.


Inside there were a startling collection of multicoloured carpets curtains and wall paper.


Living room after the old carpets were removed.


Living room door. Lovely green!


They must have got a bulk discount.


Original cramped bathroom. It was only 1350mm wide.


Original kitchen.


Renovation underway


Firstly the shed was demolished. The timber from the shed and porch turned out to be just right for the kitchen renovation. Then, we dealt to the garden, removing the shed, sowing lawn and building beds for veges and flowers.


The garden in progress. Retaining walls made out of recycled concrete. Lawn to be seeded.


The garden more or less finished.


A bunch of annual flowers makes for an instant garden.


Mid way through the porch restoration. We found the original deck and poles more or less intact. Just needed   a bit of paint.


The front end all finished. Fence still to paint.


Rear wall after french doors fitted. And trim painted brown.


Several coats of varnish on the door. People passing by comment on it a lot.


Living room completed. Fireplace looks fantastic.


Fireplace detail view


Some of the doors that we stripped and restored.


One of the 3 bedrooms finshed.


After completing the bedrooms and living room we tackled the dining room and kitchen.


Liz in action stripping the old kitchen fireplace mantel. French doors let in more light, and gib fitting nearing completion.


The kitchen was very much a case of `starting over`. It had patchy hardboard lining, uneven walls, floors, hand made cabinets, exposed wiring and plumbing and little storage. A   weeks worth of tidying up, minor building, then plasterbaord and paint saw it ready for new cabinetry.


Another week later, a $500 trademe kitchen and its functional. Just needs some lino for the floor.



These last photos were taken the day we moved out.


All done, a real sweetie.


The kitchen complete with Lino, which Liz laid.


The bathroom which we left til last. Retriming the bath, new (trademe) vanity and tiles. Plasterboard and the blue paint Peter mixed up.


Dining room after the floors were sanded and oiled. We did the floors with a large hired floor sander, and it took 8 hours and two aching bodies. All the funiture was packed into the garage. Joy!


The front bedroom. Our stuff packed up (again) this time ready to move out.


Last one out lock the door.   The house was sold privately   (using only a trademe ad and a sign at the gate) in under 8 weeks in a flat market. The new owners love the house, and we wish them well. As for us we are off to Taumarunui.