The Bus

Showing the rear, with boot hatch accessing the interior. I liked that for a big storage area under the bed. Wasnt able to find one in this condition with a plug side door. Maybe one day we`ll build a proper house type door.


Most of the original seats had been already removed. The original owner had some sort of special setup with office desks in the back.

7m length is just enough to create three separate areas: bed, living and utility. Tight but cosy.


A view of the right side. Now registered and at home.   Bryan calls it Airforce blue.


The left side.   Ive made a ramp for the left wheels so theres some room to work underneath.


Showing the cab area. Note how in this model the engine is mounted much further forward than the previous, or for any Civillian version for that matter. Not only does this mean more floor space overall, but it allows the shower to be tucked directly behind the driver. (the best place for it if you   want to keep the bus as open plan as possible.


Ok, i couldnt resist taking a few panels off on the first day home. Lots of room in the side walls for insulation. Lots of solid mounting bolts. Even a boot light, which can be moved under the bed.


Now all i need is to find some time to work on it.